3 Simple Yet Impressive MagicTricks With A Rubber Band

Want to learn easy magic tricks with rubber bands? Check out three simple yet fascinating magic tricks using just rubber bands.  

How to jump the rubber band mysteriously from first two fingers to last two?

This trick is very simple to perform, as it involves passing the rubber band from the little finger and the ring finger towards the index and middle finger. The trick cannot be done in reverse because it has to start with the little finger and the ring finger. The goal is to pass the elastic from two fingers to the other two fingers without any other visible intervention.

Follow the steps below:

1.  Take the rubber band and place it on the little and ring finger

2.  Show the spectators the position of the rubber band on these two fingers without any suspicion of fraud.

3.  Quickly stretch the elastic using your thumb so that your four fingers enter the rubber band by closing the fist.

4.  When you open your fist, the rubber band will pass directly from the atrial and the ring finger to the index finger and middle finger.

How to tie a rubber band on your thumb and untie it without undoing it?

This magic trick is quite difficult to explain, but very easy to perform. The principle is to tie one of your two thumbs with the rubber band, first by stretching the rubber band on the fingers of one hand and then, giving the impression of having made a turn with the rubber band stretched on the other thumb and finally undo the turn just by pulling on the elastic.

Here’s how to create the illusion:

1.  Take the rubber band, and with one hand stretch it on 3 to 4 fingers including the thumb.

2.  With the other hand, you use the thumb to tie and a finger to go around.

3.  With the finger of the other hand, stretch the side of the elastic between the two thumbs and pass it under the thumb to go around.

4.  Release slowly and you will have your thumb with a twist of elastic.

5.  Let your spectators admire you for a few seconds and then undo it.

How to magically fuse two rubber bands?

The demonstration is very fast but very impressive. You have two rubber bands and you magically turn them into one. You put the rubber bands one above the other and then, you pass the one rubber band below the other and you rub. Your rubber bands are fused!

Here’s how the magic trick works:

1.  All you need is one rubber band.

2.  Hold your rubber band with your thumb and middle finger.

3.  Stretch a little further on the side of the middle finger and cross with the thumb and middle finger of the other hand.

4.  Pass the crossing perpendicularly above the other.

5.  Rub the one below with the top and the trick is done!

A big thanks to magician Philadelphia!