5 things to spice up your fraternity party

1 – Invite a band for girls

It’s easy to get good voting for your party – make sure there are girls there. If the girls have fun; The boys will make the picnic look like ants.

To show girls, hire a band popular with quads. There are local bands in your area that fit the bill. Talk to someone in distress, ask them what their favorite bands are, and hire that band. The first rule of entertainment is to give your audience what they want, and don’t over-complicate it.

2 – Invite sororities

Going back to # 1 – If you get girls in your party, you will have good results. So why not invite sororities to your event?

If you want to make sure, invite one of their brothers home in person. And when they show up to the event, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them for joining. Not only is this a solid marketing strategy for your chapter, it’s also a smart move to develop relationships between chapters.

3 – Make sure the brothers are excited

Unless the brothers are excited about it, it’s impossible to have a good party.

People are generally enthusiastic about their ideas. So ask what kind of party the brothers want and ask them to take the initiative to set it up. They will thus be more encouraged to ensure the event is a success.

4 – Go to third-party locations

Maybe part of your problem is that your house is not suitable for the kind of party you are trying to throw away ???

If it is – rent a bar and have a closing party there. Many of the problems you have will no longer be a problem because the companies you hire will handle them.

5 – The party has a solid base

Review the base theory for the teams. This is extremely important. If your party does not have a good base, people will show up, no one will see it, and leave later.