Five Pitfalls In Event Planning That You Should Avoid

Event planning is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you have planned small in-house birthday parties for your children, then that doesn’t make you an event planner because a lot more goes into planning a big event. As they say, the biggest of the projects require the finest of planning, but there will be occasions when things go wrong. Let’s find out some of the common pitfalls that you can come across because if you know about these pitfalls, only then you will be able to avoid those. 

1.  Prioritize your tasks: In a big event, you will have a countless number of tasks to perform, so don’t involve yourself in minute details of one task and ignore all others, as that could derail your entire event planning process. Just focus on the theme and colors and not on the individual decorations. Sketch out the food menu instead of selecting each dish. You have a lot on your plate, so you can’t get into the details of everything. For that, you will have to allocate tasks to your team members.

2.  Invest your time planning for the food menu and bar: In any event, the showstopper is the food and beverage section regardless of what other entertainment factors were there in the event if the food is good, then everything looks good, otherwise, you will listen to complaints from guests. While you focus on bringing in the singers and dancers to the event, the main focus for you should be on the food and beverage section. Hire the best catering service in the town and decide on the food menu with them. Have a budget and plan things accordingly, and you will surely have a successful event. Secondly, hire the right people who can set up a nice bar and can run it properly too because, before food, people are going to jump into the bar section to get the ‘party mode’.

3.  Get everything in writing: Gone are the days when people used to trust each other on verbal promises and handshakes. Today, you need to get everything in writing or else be prepared to face troubles at the time of the event. For example, if you and the catering service has decided on a food menu, then both parties should write it down and sign on the documents so that if anything goes wrong at the event, you can take the necessary action.

4.  Outline a budget and don’t overspend: If you call yourself a professional event planner, then you must be doing it for your livelihood, right? Therefore, you need to stay well within the budget allocated by the person or group whose event you are planning. If you go beyond the budget, then you are reducing your profit, a thing that an astute businessman will never do. Use your mind and experience to identify areas where cost-cutting can be done, especially in the decoration section. 

5.  Don’t pressurize yourself or get too complacent: People either get too much anxious and stressed that they start making stupid mistakes. Then, there is another kind, which becomes way too casual that they forget some of the important things that need to be done. If you fall in one of those kinds, then you should definitely come out of the zone you are in because that attitude will not get you far too long. You need to work with a sense of responsibility and awareness, and you will see things happening just how you wanted them to be.

Keep these things in mind and you will surely organize the upcoming event successfully. Better yet, hire an event planner.