How to Properly Act during a fraternity rush

Decide why you are rushing. This is the most important part because if you do not know why you are there, you will probably be very dissatisfied with the decision to come down the road. People crowd for different reasons; Some want a life booster, some want a family, some do it because their parents want it. Do not rush into a brotherhood for other people, just because you want to leave. Find out a few good reasons and draw with them. You do not want one brother to call one cause and another brother to another; The fraternities have the potential of cross-referencing each other despite the challenges. And above all, don’t say that you want to join a fraternity “party and meet girls”.

Realizing the commitment involved in a brotherhood. Most fraternities still have a pledge system (some are here to make it a whole new system) and the promise is a big promise. Typically, committed compulsory study time involves weekly meetings, projects, and even a group trip. It’s a drain on a college student, so make sure you have enough time to commit. It can also drain your bank account because depending on which fraternity you are, you will be paid out of the pocket of the promised class of parties, projects, home gifts, etc., not to mention the brotherhood criteria. Depending on how much you spend, you will be able to join a fraternity, and most are willing to help you get a job or a low-interest loan in difficult financial situations, so do not withdraw from the fraternity simply because the fees are the highest on the Greek line.

Ignore the stereotypes of the campus. People will not let you decide. Some people may refer to a specific brotherhood in a positive light, some may refer to it in a negative light; The point is that people are not trustworthy.

Do your research. Find a place on your campus where brothers advertise for crowd events. The best time to do this will be the first week of school in the autumn, as all the fraternities will be there. Find out how many are out there, what kind of brotherhood everyone has, and what the crowd events are for everyone. Even if you have no interest in rushing to a certain brotherhood, take the Rush Flyer anyway; Your opinion may change later.

Narrow your options. Most likely, a lot of fraternal homes are likely to be hit within a week (unless you have a formal school assignment). When you pick up Rush Flyers, judge a character quickly and decide which one you will probably go with. Don’t choose a fraternity because they keep the best parties or pull out the most girls or they dress the best, pick the fraternity because you like their character.